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MobileGo token price

MobileGo token price

What is MobileGo Token?

If you are a fan of eSports and can’t live without your favorite multiplayer games MobileGO Token is cryptocurrency for you.

Millions of players are interested in esports and MobileGO wants to provide an ecosystem that will satisfy this interest. With already 500+ supported games and its own token MGO MobileGO builds the solid esports platform that will be able to join developers, gamers, publishers and esportsmen — the audience counting over 2.5 bln users.

Dynamics of prices (graph)

The dynamics of MobileGO’s MGO Token price shows that this crowdsale can be very profitable for everyone who is ready to trust this ICO.

There are no reasons for distrust:

  • the company is successful enough;
  • the price of currency goes on higher;
  • the team, responsible for the project, is a unity of experienced professionals;
  • the great contribution in eSports is self-evident.

Besides MobileGo Token occurs to be a liquid and usable currency.

MGO token is good for:

  • Gamers – a reliable and safe payment method;
  • Publishers — it is a convenient, reliable way to withdraw money really fast (maximum within 60 hrs);

Where can you buy/change MGO?

Buying MGO may be a process consisting of 2 steps:

  • First you should buy ETH or BTH for your funds;
  • Then you visit one of the exchanges (see the table below) and change this crypto for MobileGO’s MGO token.

For example, if you buy MGO token directly from GameCredits, you can get a bonus for it.

Choose the way that is the most convenient for you.

The goals and advantages of MGO

Facilitation of peer-to-peer matchplay and holding decentralized tournaments — these are the results of smart contracts’ using MobileGO Token as a foundation.

So it applies to every gamer who is going to make his contribution in building the future of eSports.

The gaming industry changes so rapidly. Hurry up to be the first who will succeed from the upcoming revolution offered by the MobileGO platform:

  • Broadband web revolution in gaming made gamers and developers turn from single-player to multiplayer.
  • The revolution of blockchain technologies promotes growth and expansion of it.

At last people get the chance to become a part of competitive eSports!

Today it’s already a mainstream that will become the popular trend in the future.

Those ones who are responsible for decentralized tournaments organization have already appreciated usability of MGO. Before the process was too hard, long and expensive, it couldn’t be imagined without sponsors’ revenue. Now there is no such necessity for the token helps to collect the required funds.

And as result eSport becomes more and more attractive!

If you think it’s highly specialized offer, you mistake. MobileGO builds a worldwide eSports platform that will provide multiple services including an arrangement of esports tournaments for over 2,5 bln players worldwide. Millions of gamers will get an opportunity to pay for their favorite games with MGO tokens. Just think over this number and you’ll agree the importance of MGO ICO.

How is ICO financed?

Distribution of MobileGO Token is the main task of crowdsale. That’s why anyone can be the owner of this cryptocurrency using it to achieve his personal goals.

Everyone can achieve personal goals thanks to investing to MobileGO’s MGO token, because the main goals are very prospective — to expand, develop and invigorate. The token already is capturing the attention on the most reputable exchange services — Bittrex or Poloniex.

People - gamers, developers, tournaments organizers, each interested person - trust MGO and keep on financing the project. By achieving the personal goals, they help ICO to make a general progress.

Success is inevitable!

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